Usually, we send our suppliers a goods-return receipt with the goods. Please don't send the goods without this return receipt back. Returns without return receipt can't be proceed or with significant delay.

If you don't have a return receipt you can download your return receipt here.


Download (retoure.pdf - 76kb) To open this PDF document you need the Adobe Reader. You can download it for free here.


Den Uitvanck 9A
5688 XG Oirschot

Pick up of goods

If the reason for the return is a vendor error we will pick the goods from you. Please arrange the rtrieval by phone 076-7901131 or by E-Mail If you want to send us the goods please no unfree transmissions, because they will be rejected by our receiving department. We will pay back the costs of postage(normal shipping by mail or parcel service). After the return process you will receive a voucher for the calculated value of the goods plus postage.

If the reason is not a vendor error, please send back the goods with the return receipts. In this case you will receive a voucher after the return process over the value of the goods less 25% handling-related costs but at least 5,00 EUR for every originally delivery. Shipping costs won't be credited in this case. Unless we agreed (differing from paragraph 1) exceptional circumstances to take back unpacked shirts and blouses, the handling-related costs amount 50%.

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